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ST JOHN United Methodist Church

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Amy M Call

Pastor’s Corner

Adventure Continous1

Dear Church,

A month together has come and gone, just as the summer is
slowly winding down. School will be starting soon and
together, we will switch to a new routine, one that prepares for
the rest of the year. I have been thinking and pondering on our
first month together. Firsts are always full of questions, where
we are all feeling each other out to see what our new
relationship as pastor and congregation is going to be like. And
we are still early on in the process and still getting to know each
other. But I do know that I have been blessed this past month to
be your pastor.

You all have welcomed Tyler, Ellie, and me with open arms. We
have ate so many meals together, spent time visiting and
learning about each other. You all have taught me new skills,
including how to crochet! I have gotten to witness your passion
for helping others, especially those who find themselves in
tough places. There have been conversations on where God is
taking St. John as a church and how best to follow His will as a

It has not always been easy. Especially since there have been
some very difficult things that have happened within this month illness,
surgeries, and my first funeral as your pastor. Randall
will be dearly missed. As much as I love times of joy, it is in
the hard times that we learn the most about each other and God's
path for each of us.

We serve a God of resurrection, of hope for the future. And I am
excited to see how God is leading us on this adventure. To
follow Jesus and say yes to His call to be His disciples is to say
yes to going places we never thought we would ever go.
means doing things we could never imagine on our own. And it
means finding God's abundance promises for our lives. What a
privilege to be on this journey with you!

                                 With Many, Many Blessings,
                                               Pastor Amy



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