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ST JOHN United Methodist Church

2160 Griffith Ave, Owensboro KY 42301

Amy M Call

Pastor’s Corner

Adventure Begins


 At the end of April, I received a call from the District Superintendent that I had been excitedly waiting for, the call would tell me which church I was appointed to. What a great blessing that I was appointed here! It is a great honor and joy to be appointed as your pastor. You all have welcomed me and my family with open arms and shown us the love of Jesus in the short time that we have been here. There have been wonderful visits from so many of you, and good conversation. You have told us that you prayed for us in this transition and in the appointment process. You have shown such love towards our little girl Ellie as she has been adjusting to the changes in her life. And wow! All the food! We have not gone hungry in our time here! I use the word “excited” often in my daily life, sometimes even a bit too often. But I am truly excited about being here and seeing how God is working in your lives. Part of what I am looking forward to is getting to know you all here at this church and seeing what you all are passionate about. To see how God’s calling on your life and God’s calling on my life can work together for the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. I pray that God’s love surrounds each of us as we learn how to do life together here in Owensboro. May God’s peace and grace go with you.

                                                                                 With Blessings and Gratitude,
                                                                                  Pastor Amy Call



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