Choir Notes -April 2022

  Choir Notes for April

It feels more like April showers are bringing May flowers a month early. The rain sure has been falling and I am hoping it is going to bring the flowers early. I am ready for spring and all the warmth it brings. I so enjoy the days full of sunshine, birds chirping and, yes, even grass growing that must be mowed! Out in the country where a friend of mine lives, we hear the frogs calling for mates and see the ducks and muskrats splashing in the water with their mates. Spring is in the air!

Here at St. John in our choir, we are “tuning up” for the Easter season and our Cantata. The cantata will be during the service on April 17th. It is not too late to join us and sing that morning. The music is easy to learn and uplifting in its message. You will want to be a part of God’s message that day!  What a special time it is…Our God is Risen!

Some sad choir news, however….Clarissa is leaving us soon to go to parts North! Minnesota here, and “hear”, she comes. She will be moving to Minnesota to begin a new phase and adventure in her life. We will miss her very, very much but wish her the very best. May God grant her safe travels, an easy transition and blessings galore as she begins this new part of her life. May she bless as many in Minnesota as she has blessed here. Boy, are they in for a treat!! I see a road trip in my future! Watch for news of a send-off for this beautiful young lady soon.

As I watch the news and talk to some people in my life I realize how much pain and suffering there is and I heard this song the other day for the first time on Christian Radio while I was getting ready. It was so powerful…here are some of the words:

Too Good To Not Believe

Brandon LakeCody Carnes

I’ve seen Your power
And I’ve seen You heal

I’ve lived stories that have proved Your faithfulness
And I’ve seen miracles my mind can’t comprehend
And there is beauty in what I can’t understand
Jesus, it’s You, Jesus, it’s You

I believe
You’re the wonder-working God
You’re the wonder-working God
All the miracles I’ve seen
Too good to not believe
You’re the wonder-working God
And You heal because You love
Oh, the miracles we’ll see
You’re too good to not believe
Too good to not believe
Too good to not believe, ayy-ayy

I can’t resurrect a man with my own hands
But just the mention of Your name can raise the dead
So all the glory to the only One who can
Jesus, it’s You, Jesus, it’s You

 Be blessed this month and stay safe!

Joyfully submitted,

Sondra Jones