Choir News for March

It was looking like spring but today…well it was snowing! At least small flakes were falling where I could see them. AND it was very cold. The poor spring flowers that thought it was okay to peep out of the ground are shivering just like us, I am sure.

Our church is deep in the Lenten Season. The bright decorations of our sanctuary are covered and the we are bare and somber in remembrance and of this time. Reverend Dave has taught us many things about this season. Many that I didn’t really know. I am using this time to reflect, as I should. I keep thinking about, as a parent, how difficult it must have been for God to watch Jesus suffer. What a love He had for us! 

We will have our Cantata for Easter the Sunday after, April 16th. Please come join us in the choir if you like to sing, or make a joyful noise. It is a wonderful way to worship our Lord and to start your week! 

Have a blessed month!