Choir Notes-November 2021 By: Sondra Jones, A Joyful Choir Member

November Choir Notes Oh boy! Today was cold and rainy and felt more like winter than fall, sadly. Finally, I see some of the leaves changing though and that is nice. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and my daughters and I were talking about the menu. They start making requests about this time (the beginning of November). I am so happy to be together, I am happy to fulfill all their requests and those of my new son-in-law as well. I am so blessed by my family and James just got a new job after many months of looking and interviewing. God has truly blessed us and this will be a very thankful Thanksgiving!! Our choir is still practicing on Wednesday at 5pm. Please come join us. I have missed the last few weeks due to being with my mom, which I love, but I have missed it so much. It is such an uplifting time. Clarissa and the choir members, along with the singing to worship our Lord, give me such a lift and connection to God, I feel better for the rest of the week. Then Sunday, well, God just moves in us!! He uses us to deliver part of the message. What a wonderful God we serve! We are still missing members and hope they return soon. They are prayed for each week and are missed. As Psalm 59:16 states: But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.