Choir Notes – October 2021 Submitted with Joy, Sondra Jones

Well I guess my favorite season of summer may truly be over! Sherlock is bringing in more and more leaves with his shaggy fur each time he goes in the back yard and that only means two things….the leaves are falling AND I will have to rake, both the yard (and my house, at this rate). I hope those of you that complained about the heat are ready for the big CHILL! 

I am really enjoying our music selection and the sermons. We have pulled out some old but new music we haven’t sung in a while and I like it very much. I love the time we sing our praises to God. I feel very connected to Him and enjoy making a “joyful noise”. I am also very thankful he doesn’t hold my singing off key against me:)

You may have noticed our newest member of the choir, Mrs. Mingo. We are excited to grow our alto section. We are also hoping Harry feels well enough to rejoin us soon. Martha has been back from visiting her daughter and joined in lately, as well. Prayers continue for Scott’s dad, Mr. Marksberry, and the family. We hope Scott gets to come back soon too.  I have to admit, most of the time, it still doesn’t seem possible that Fred is not behind me and won’t be again. I sure miss the steady timbre of his bass. He used to chuckle quietly at some crazy thing I would say. Just know, Fred, you are there in spirit! If you would like to join the fun and family of our choir, please come on Wednesday at 5pm or just come up on Sunday morning. You won’t be sorry!! The love and fellowship along with the joy you feel singing God’s praises will carry you through the week.